Ammonia Fuel SOV

With our SOV 90, we can offer ammonia as a low greenhouse emission fuel. The vessel can operate on either ammonia or LNG, providing a future-orientated vessel concept that can use today's fuel infrastructure and the primary fuel of the future.

Fuel Efficacy Key to LNG Operations

Ship Owner’s FIHS is the key to longer operation range for LNG fuelled vessels.

The energy density of LNG vs storage space is a key issue for compact vessels with limited available space for LNG storage. The fuel efficiency of the FIHS increases the vessels operational range with the same fuel availability or allows the use of LNG as fuel where usually the available space would be insufficient of traditional LNG power plant configuration be able to an option.

About Us

Ship Owner is a developer of ships systems and provider of vessels for the world marked. We are currently rolling out our Fully Integrated Hybrid System. This system will be exclusively installed in the Series 8 and Series 9 Construction Support Vessels.